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DNAFit is a revolutionary product that uses DNA testing to establish the best possible training and diet plan for YOU!

We are all unique individuals and what works for one, won’t necessarily work for another. DNAFit is a great way to quickly establish what YOUR body needs, what it can do without and how best to reach your optimum fitness levels.

From a simple swab you will receive a diet and exercise plan bespoke to your body’s genetic make up. No time wasted on the wrong diet, or on an exercise regime that doesn’t give you results.

Our Personal Fitness and Wellness Advisors will work with you to put you plan into action and enjoy seeing the results!

Understanding your genes is like your own personal map to fat loss and the correct training programme and avoid lengthy trial and error, why try to find your way without a map?

Know the genes that you carry, and how they affect your ability to lose weight. Use this knowledge to pick the right diet and fitness plan for you.

The best possible diet

Identify exactly which diet is best for your body.

Diet plan, menus and recipes

Your test includes a personalised diet plan with menus and recipes.

Also includes exercise guidelines

Learn how much exercise is right for you, to accompany your diet.

Train according to your genetic potential

Get to know what type of training may be best suited for you.

Learn about your body’s makeup

Gain deep insight into your physical strengths and weaknesses.

Improve your training plan

Use your DNA to adapt and improve your training and recovery plan.

I can come to your home or mail a test out to you in the UK with results back within 2 weeks.

Here is how it works

Order your DNAFit test now and receive your collection kit by post.
Collect your saliva samples with the provided collection kit and send them to our laboratory for analysis.
We provide you with a personal report in approximatly 10 working days after receipt of your samples.

Purchase you kit online today by visiting the training and services link above and click DNA!