Weights or no weights I hear you say! Lets look at the benefits.

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Right then guys and gals, do you lift heavy, light or not at all?

Lifting heavy weights for both women and men, will cause positive changes throughout your body. Your muscles respond by, yes feeling painful after the first few workouts due to new stresses placed on your them ( this is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) but they will also grow, which will increase your metabolism ( burn more calories), your bones become denser and stronger, hormonal regulation improves (that means a much more manageable menstrual period for women, among many other positive benefits), your central nervous system responds by learning how to recruit more muscle fibers to contract on demand and it becomes more resilient to physical stress.

A majority of you want to tone and running on a treadmill for an hour and cutting out food is not going to do that. If you want a nice shapely ass and great legs then you need to squat with weight its as simple as that.

Picking up a small weight and dancing around will work you but not enough, you need to first learn how to lift correctly to avoid injury then move forward with heavier lifts improving the form at every stage.

You know when you have done a worthwhile workout because you will feel worn out and feel your muscles the days following.

A balanced resistance and cardio programme with correct nutritional intake will assist in shaping your body and making you stronger as well as having more energy!