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Calling all Fitness and health coaches, are you wanting to better educate yourself and standout from the rest then hit the link below and join the fastest growing learning platform. Trust me in the short time I have been studying it has allowed me to expand my knowledge in this field and help more and more clients lead a better life. My business has become so busy I am selective on who I take on.

The Advanced Coaching Academy’s mission is to educate and bring together health and fitness professionals allowing them to disseminate scientific and evidence based nutrition and coaching practices.
The course has been designed around the needs of the modern day professional and more importantly the people they serve. It is designed to deliver the applied knowledge and skills required to operate both ethical and successful coaching businesses.

The educational journey within the ACA intends to improve the attitudes and behaviour of it’s coaches and allow them to question internalised beliefs and that which they have unconsciously assimilated.
The ACA intends to deliver key insights and knowledge about changes in the business, nutrition and coaching environments. All with the intention to illuminate new strategic direction and coaching application.

The ACAs intention is to jump-start innovative thinking and alter the perspective in which people see their businesses and coaching practices. To enable them to see whats possible within their businesses and act upon it.
By collectively bringing together talented open minds and their experiences the ACA intends to build, connect and align the industry and create a shared vision for the future of the industry.

The ACA exists to create and inspire momentum and action and to create an environment in which ideas can be shared, understood and kept within context. The ACA intends to create new directions and actions that can be implemented widely and more effectively

Content Delivery
The ACA delivers all of it’s modular content via a state-of-the-art online learning platform. Content is delivered in logical, linguistic, visual and audible mediums to ensure an individuals own learning style is catered for. The platform and support groups enable solitary or social learners to either work alone using self study or gives opportunity to learn in groups or with other people using our online community.

Evidence Based Content
Content within the ACA is derived and informed whenever possible from the best available evidence and systematic research. The ACA team have compiled, analysed and used objective evidence to design and bring together all of the modular and ongoing content alongside their own experience within their given fields.

Expert Instruction
Watch and learn from world class practitioners with over a quarter of a centuries experience in their given fields. Learn from sports scientists, doctors, sports dieticians, human bioscientists and many others.

Applied Evolving Knowledge
Given that the fields of business, sports science and nutrition are rapidly evolving content is constantly updated and delivered to all active members. All material is optimised for both practical and immediate application to ensure you’re getting the best from the people you presently deal with.

Community Support
All of the coaches in the Academy are invited to join the private Social media community to share thoughts, ideas, content and also to engage with and meet other like minded and driven individuals.

All of the academy content is available globally and is optimised across platforms. To fit with a busy coaches lifestyle content can be accessed via desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices so learning on the go is never a problem.

Study at your own pace
There are no time restrictions on studying with the ACA. Delegates can study ongoing for as long as they wish. After year one simply moving to our monthly access fee gives you access to not only the core content but all updates and ongoing content.
Online Exams

All of the ACA exams are done online. This allows us to deliver better education globally and removes the restrictions imposed by geographical restrictions.

Access to Nutrimen
ACA Membership includes one years free access (£80 subscription normally) to professional dietary analysis software. The Nutrimen software permits you to quickly analyse and break down dietary intakes. Powered by the McCance database Nutrimen is arguably the best professional dietary analysis software out there.

Flexible Payment Options
The modular content of the Academy is available via several payment options to suit your own finances. You can pay up-front for all content, gaining access to all content immediately. Alternatively you can pay in easily managed monthly payments that drip feed the content to you on a monthly basis.

The Library
The Library is the home to all of the ACA content outside of the certified course material. In here we have further content spanning all of the ACA topics and more. Interviews from leading individuals in their fields, research reviews, written content all exclusive to you as an ACA member.

Exclusive Member Discounts
All ACA members receive exclusive discounts from our partners. Watsons gym equipment, Primal Strength, PhD Nutrition, My PT Hub and many more.


Trial it today and get your business where you want it to be!