You will never fail, you will learn and succeed

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There is nothing to fear because we never actually fail, we learn, rectify and exceed our expectations

If I sat around to make sure that my next step in life is right for me then I would have achieved very little. My life has been about living on the edge, about taking those chances and succeeding and if it didn’t work I would change the goal post and start again.

You have to remember that there is nothing to fear because we never actually fail, we learn, rectify and exceed our expectations but that is only if you step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge.

I find to many people are stuck in a comfort zone that is leading them to the end. SAME JOB, SAME ROUTINE, SAME OUTLOOK TO LIFE, NO DETERMINATION, DRIVE OR MOTIVATION TO DO ANYTHING ELSE.

My time in the Army was fun at times but I was the same as many and had no individuality when it came to work. A pack of sheep following orders and even if I had a good idea it would be shot down in seconds. After leaving I decided to change and took a different route in life. I challenged myself to help as many as possible succeed including myself and my children. I jumped in to paths that potentially could have left me in ruins but I stayed on it and succeeded. I found jumping from one path to another kept me going and this became exciting.

My life isn’t about following the so called norm. Life on this planet is limited and I intend to live it. I don’t judge, I don’t put myself in any social class, I don’t look down on people, I listen and understand, I love all and I accept everyone for what and who they are and most of all I never gave up even when things became difficult or unbearable.

My life on this planet is and always will  be about helping people and myself move forward in life regardless of who we are and what we are about however, we have to want to jump into that different path and be ready for the exciting challenges ahead.

My motivation comes from what could happen next and an easy solution is NOT on my agenda. Success comes from a positive outlook regardless of what may happen. Remember you will never fail, you will learn and become stronger and succeed in every way.

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