It’s never too late to change and undo the horrific damage

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The pictures on this post are me as a child.

It’s never too late to change and undo the horrific damage.

Today I decided to go visit my sister a few miles away from me but to no avail as she was out. I decided to take a drive to the local shopping mall to buy some groceries and when entering the shop I was amazed by how many people there were rushing around grabbing what they needed.

As I walked down the aisle I came across the music section and to my surprise I was looking LPs, good old records and immediately this took me back to my youth. I was looking through the selection smiling, people around me must have thought I was a mad old man because there were 80,s albums, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, The Smiths and more. I am literally smiling now writing this. I decided to pick up two records which are Queen Greatest Hits 2 and LEGEND the best of Bob Marley, absolutely elated.

I then continued to walk on with the records in hand thinking I was back in the day, reminiscing about good friends such as Wendy Heal who’s shares my love of music. Remembering my life back then with my family, my siblings and so forth but it then dawned on me that actually I wasn’t there at all I was in the shopping mall where people were rushing around, heads down on their mobiles, no interaction, no talking, no nothing and that 80% of the aisles were processed, man made junk that is contributing to the destroyed nature of todays society.

As a child I used to stay out until the sun went down as we didn’t have mobiles, I used to climb trees, play in the corn fields, Shake blossom trees, flattening down the corn to make a den. I used to make things out of fresh cut grass, find treasure, play in and around old war bunkers. I loved life, it was amazing. I must have walked miles on a daily basis and it was good for me. I think the only game I had was Simple Simon and a few other board games but I am thankful for that as I would be the person I am now.

What have we become?

I left the shopping mall and continued to my truck and drove away to see drive through costa, drive through Mc Donald’s, fast food restaurants everywhere, no children playing anywhere just mass amounts of unnecessary restaurants filling the space that once was open fields.

What has our world come too? Social media, drive throughs, mobiles, play stations, fast food and the list goes on.

Proud of my children

The point I am getting at here is that the world is an amazing place, it provides us with so much joy and nourishment however we are slowly but surely destroying it and mankind. My childhood will always be with me and that’s why I am a fit and healthy father of three grown up adults and a grandfather of 1 beautiful granddaughter. If we continue to educate our young the way people are then the next generation and beyond have no hope because it’s you parents who are responsible for giving amazing knowledge to your children and in return they will pass this on.

Human interaction seems to have declined and I am too guilty of that, movement is less and less encouraging us to sit to get food and a majority is damaging our cells. Ordering a nice tuna steak and rice or a decent chicken salad to our house is non-existent, society is encouraging unhealthy habits and unhealthy lives. We are slowly encouraging humans to slowly kill ourselves and our children.

I am thankful

I am thankful  for my childhood and love the fact my children who are all over 18 are healthy, love fitness, eat well and continue to do so. Lets make a difference because The World Health Organisation has made it quite clear that if nothing is done then more and more will become ill.

41 million children under five are overweight or obese. This is serious and we can change it together. To the guy who said I have fatphobia on social media, let me make it quite clear – I am worried and as long as I live I will do everything in my power to make changes and to educate.

To end I want to let you know I am sat here with my record player and the Queen album playing and it excites me 😊 and even better I have just realised there are two records in the sleeve 😊