How this lady lost 6% body fat, 17cms overall but still gained weight? Forget the scales.

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So how did she lose body fat and inches and gained weight?

I have learned over the years that women want the numbers on the scale to go down and for many guys to go up but does it really matter? In this case my client did not want to lose weight and hallelujah for her.

Why the numbers on the scale do not matter.

Sometimes we need to just step away from the scales and realise that our health matters and not weight. To many fads out there and I personally include these dieting clubs many go to for weigh ins then feel completely shattered thinking they are failing when actually if they do resistance training they are going in the right direction.

This wonderful lady came to me in November asking to tone, lose fat and gain muscle. My job was to design her a strength training program for her goals. She was already adopting a healthy diet so gains in muscle were paramount as well as losing the fat.

Day 1 assessments.

On day  1 she weighed in at 53.5 kgs with body fat at around 29% and body measurements in at 445 cms overall.

On day 57 she weighed in at 55.3kg with body fat at 22.5% and body measurements at 428 cms overall.

A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh exactly the same so get rid of the idea that muscle weigh more than fat. It’s the density that’s different as shown in the picture below. On the left of the picture is 1 pound of muscle and the right one pound of fat.

I designed her a 5 day split resistance (weights) training program which she completed with NO cardio i.e running and with her healthy balanced nutritional intake she managed to shift the fat and gain the muscle and put weight on at the same time. Her body tightened up ( remember density of muscle is less than that of fat) and she looks amazing 🙂

If you decide just to go on a harsh low calorie diet with no resistance training then muscle mass will reduce, weight will come off but is it the right stuff that you are losing?

Before you decide to hop on the scales and stress that you are not losing weight –  if you are resistance training then the clothes will let you know and so will your health.

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