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Life could be like one huge playground having fun and smiling but we lose our way and end up on the conveyor belt of work, parenting, wife, husband, stress, weight gain, health problems…..


Sat here this morning sipping a coffee and enjoying the light coming through the window although it could be warmer, damn England weather.

I have just opened the laptop up to write to you guys and then remembered that we are away later today. We are visiting my beautiful granddaughter and daughter of course 🙂 Now this is my daughter, partner and granddaughter and I couldn’t be prouder and that’s me at the bottom as I write this, straight out of bed to writing 🙂 perfect.



I am excited today as with most days as I have been granted another day to play and I think many of us lose sight of the actual reality of life. Now I am on another adventure and it excites me so much. I am one of these people who cannot and will not stay in the same routine, living in the same house, eating the same shit and going through the same issues. WTF is that all about? Why has the nation become so god damn consumed by everything, they have lost sight of living and health.

Your playground guys and gals is huge, it’s called the world and you can do anything law abiding in this world. There are no limits well there is it’s called your mindset. You can make any changes to your life as you see fit but many are scared of change.

I remember when I was married to my children’s mother and as much fun and happiness we had, we couldn’t stay together. I would not have any of it but eventually we went our own ways and remained bloody good friends. She has since passed but I am here with the strength she gave me making a good go of it.

She was 33 when she passed and that’s no age although she did live well and made sure she did. You are NOT promised eternal youth and life. You are NOT promised good health. You are NOT promised anything. However, you have been giving life. Below is me with my granddaughter and my aim is to guide her away from the mess most of the nation has got themselves into.


All it takes is for you to change and that’s possible in all areas.


You can change your mindset, you can change your lifestyle, you can look different, think different and succeed in anything you want. But you will also relapse, fall back to old habits, become fatter, more tired, more low mood, relationship struggles and the list goes on. You have become a product of this busy world, lack of sleep, stress, overconsumption, fast food, kids, NO TIME FOR YOU, medication to keep type 2 diabetes managed, medication for blood pressure, medication for IBS, ….. all that can be rectified with simple lifestyle changes but yet again this is just too difficult. Saving you god damn life is just too difficult.


I look at the picture above and pray she doesn’t become a product of this hectic world and that she will have the determination to care for herself and enjoy this planet as an individual. I hope she doesnt start to kill herself like most of the nation is doing.


My point is guys and gals, stop becoming something you don’t want to be. Stand up now and write down what you want to be, how you could improve your life, what you want to eradicate from your life. Then make an action plan and stick to it. IT’S NOT FUCKING HARD when you put your mind to it and trust me you will reap the benefits and feel a whole load better and maybe save your life.


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Andy Ciaravella

Director, Health & Fitness Coach

Stabilis Fitness Ltd