No bull when it comes to sustainable fat loss

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Have you tried absolutely everything but still gain the fat back?

Is your efforts getting you down?

Clothes feel tight and uncomfortable?

Struggle to plan ahead?

Feeling tired all the time?

Feeling low?

Tired of cutting your favorite foods?

Then read on as I want to show you the only way to lose
weight/fat without all the hyped up fad diets and meal
replacement shakes.

Fat, or adipose tissue, is found in several places in your body.
Generally, fat is found underneath your skin (subcutaneous
fat). There’s also some on top of each of your kidneys.
In addition to fat tissue, some fat is stored in the liver, and an
even smaller amount in muscle.

Where fat is concentrated in your body depends upon
whether you are a man or woman:

– An adult man tends to carry body fat in his chest,
abdomen and buttocks, producing an “apple” shape.

– An adult woman tends to carry fat in her breasts, hips,
waist and buttocks, creating a “pear ” shape.

– The difference in fat location comes from the sex
hormones estrogen and testosterone.

Fat cells are formed in the developing fetus during the third
trimester of pregnancy, and later at the onset of puberty,
when the sex hormones “kick in.” It is during puberty that the
differences in fat distribution between men and women begin
to take form.

One amazing fact is that fat cells generally do not generate
after puberty — as your body stores more fat, the number of
fat cells remains the same. Each fat cell simply gets bigger!

(There are two exceptions: the body might produce more fat
cells if an adult gains a significant amount of weight or has
liposuction performed.)

If you burn extra calories through exercise, the size of the fat cells
will decrease. The puzzling question is what happens to the fat –
where does it go?…

Nearly 84%of fat molecules are exhaled as carbon dioxide. Another
16 percent leave the body through water, including sweat, tears,
urine, and other liquids.

But how do we burn fat?

When your body needs energy because you’re consuming fewer
calories than you are burning (an energy deficit), then your body
releases hormones and enzymes that signal your fat cells to release
your fat reserves instead of keeping them in storage.

These results were achieved by working out his daily calorie intake
based on his height, weight, age, energy deficit through exercise and

With a slight reduction in calories and a strength training program
based on is goals he succeeded and continues to lose body fat whilst
enjoying the finer things in life.

He on average loses 2 pound a week which is a sustainable loss and
he will not gain this back with his lifestyle change and new found

But why a strength training program?

When someone sets out to lose 10 to 20 lbs of fat, this usually winds
up with them doing an extreme crash diet and tons of cardio.

The problem is that they are going to lose a lot of muscle in the
process which will slow their fat burning goal right down, so when
they go back to what they were doing before they will put it all back
on if NOT more.

When I was in the Army all I did was run, which left me with very little


There was no strength training.

Strength training is needed to maintain muscle to ensure that all the
weight you lose is body fat, leaving you look healthy, fit, and sexy.
The research is quite clear that strength training will preserve muscle
even while in a calorie deficit.

And best of all, if you?re new to training, you can even build muscle
while losing body fat. You can accomplish this without being in the
gym 5 to 6 times a week.

All you need is 3-4 strategic strength training sessions each week to
reap the benefits.


Say you take someone that?s new to weight lifting and weighs
around 160 lbs, and have them cut down to around 140 lbs.
With the proper strength training in place, this will pretty
much guarantee that all the weight they lose (20 lbs) is all
from body fat.

And there is also a great chance that they will put on 4 to 5 lbs
of muscle that will give their body incredible shape. If they
only diet and hit cardio hard, they will most likely lose muscle,
and thus, less fat, and consequently, not look as awesome as
they had hoped for.

So for you people, building a lean and chiseled physique it
ultimately comes down to strength training, correct nutrition
for fat loss, and getting in some rest day activity such as

Walking is actually my favorite fat burning activity and I
absolutely love it! Especially when the weather is nice. But as
long as you are strength training and on point with nutrition,
you?ll strip away body fat effortlessly while maintaining all
your muscle.

If you know someone that needs to hear this, make sure to
share it with them.

Tips for fat loss

Calories count! The signal that triggers your body to release
adipose from fat cells is an energy deficit. You must burn
more than you eat.

Cut calories conservatively. Starving yourself may cause quick
weight-loss at first and make you miserable but never works
long term because it actually decreases the activity of fat
burning enzymes that release fat from the cells. to avoid this
you need to use strength training to BURN THE FAT, not very
low calorie crash diets.

Take control of your weight now. If you are gaining weight, and
especially if your weight is climbing upwards out of control,
make a decision to TAKE CONTROL TODAY. Your fat cells might
be multiplying, making it more difficult to burn fat in the
future. NOW is the time NOT tomorrow.

If you’ve already lost weight, you must be forever diligent.
Your fat cells are not gone, they have merely “shrunk” or
“emptied out.” Fitness is not just the 12 week program I
design, it’s a lifestyle.

To stay lean you have to eat a balanced diet, stay within your
caloric requirements and stay active.

Accept that its a lifestyle change and NOT a temporary fix
Genetics are only a minor factor. You may not have control over
how many fat cells you were born with, but you do control the
major factors that determine how much fat you store: lifestyle,
exercise, nutrition, mental attitude.

Genetics are not an excuse. The past is not an excuse. Your
present condition is not an excuse. You can either make
excuses or get results, but you can’t do both.

So keep educating yourself about the science, follow my social
media links, read my emails and take action every day and go
out there and make it happen!

Allow yourself to be happy and comfortable in your own skin
Every time you lose a pound of fat, you?ve also literally detoxed
yourself without ever having to do one of those terrible juice
cleanses ( which by the way don’t work) You?ve used the power
of your own body?s filtration systems to get rid of them? and it
will thank you for it.

You will NEVER lose the fat cells however you can reduce the fat
in them.

Imagine the fat cells are like balloons full of fat.
When we lose body fat the cells are emptying out however if you
go back to old habits and consume more energy than you burn,
they will continue to fill.

Therefore a calories deficit regardless is required.

To lose fat
– Establish your caloric intake for fat loss
– Stay in a caloric deficit through movement and food (NO FAD
– STOP spending hours running and incorporate strength training
in to your regime which will accelerate fat loss even whilst
– Drink plenty of water
– Sleep between 7-9 hours each night
– Reduce stress
– Keep it simple


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