Why weight loss isn’t always the best way to achieve your goals.

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Do you really need to lose weight or is it fat you want gone?

Everyone always talks about weight loss and do not get me wrong there are some people who could do with this however,  you could just be sabotage your actual goals of fat loss.

Recently one of my clients had to take time out due to an injury. Months of hard work with strength training had paid off as she became stronger, firmer and was burning the unwanted fat her body was holding on too as well as improving mobility and health.

On returning from time off we did the usual check ins and realised although she lost 7 pounds in weight this was not from body fat as this remained the same.

She had reduced in size from muscle mass.

Muscle mass is more metabolic than fat meaning it will burn more fat whilst at rest.

As the muscle has reduced so will this metabolic effect. slowing down the exact reason she came to me and that was fat loss.

Do not always assume that weight loss is the best method to a healthier you because you could just be sabotaging your fat loss goals.

Preserving, if not building muscle is imperative to your fat loss goals.

So be very careful when on a weight loss plan because losing muscle is not the way ahead.