21 kgs down over lockdown all online.

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This is close to my heart and just shows you that

regardless of any barriers, anything can be achieved with the right knowledge and support.

This gentleman has lost 21Kgs

98 kgs down to 77 kgs through lockdown to improve his health for health reasons.

Please continue reading to the bottom why this is close to me and why I am passionate about my vocation in life.

Now the picture is a 67-year-old gentleman who has been through a tough time but he never gave up.

This isn’t any old story about how a person tried to lose weight and struggled as there is a lot more context to it than that.

18 months ago this chap was diagnosed with prostate cancer, instantly many think that’s not bad it’s not necessarily terminal if caught early but it still wreaked havoc in his life.

Rob would have been 65 then, enjoying retirement and loving life then boom just like that the diagnoses was given.

It was a shock to him and his family but he continued to move forward in his strong and positive manner.

He started hormone treatment around 12 months ago.

Hormones control the growth of cells in the prostate. In particular, prostate cancer needs the hormone testosterone to grow. The purpose of hormone therapy is to block the effects of testosterone, either by stopping its production or by stopping your body from being able to use testosterone.

The side effects of this treatment are:

Loss of muscle mass.
Increased body fat.
Loss of sex drive.
Erectile dysfunction.
Bone thinning, which can lead to broken bones.
Hot flashes.
Decreased body hair, smaller genitalia, and growth of breast tissue.
Changes in behavior
Problems with metabolism

The loss of muscle tends to slow down your metabolism meaning you are burning fewer calories whilst at rest. The loss of muscle is called Sarcopenia.

It is a syndrome characterized by progressive and generalized loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength and it is strictly correlated with a physical disability, poor quality of life, and death. Risk factors for sarcopenia include age, gender, and level of physical activity.

Sarcopenia happens when we age but it can be delayed through strength training.

In addition to aging, sarcopenia is accelerated by low physical activity, insufficient calorie and protein intake, inflammation, and stress but in this gentleman’s case, it was his treatment.

Now I talked about his metabolism slowing down.

Your metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism. But, when you lose weight and muscle mass, your metabolism slows down and so does your weight loss.

Causes of weight gain during cancer treatment

The following cancer treatment which this gentleman had may lead to weight gain and in his case it did.

Steroid medications. Doctors prescribe steroids during cancer treatment for several reasons, including:

To reduce symptoms of inflammation, such as swelling and pain
To treat nausea.
As part of the treatment for the cancer itself.
However, steroids can cause certain side effects, including:
An increase in appetite.
An increase in fatty tissue (with long-term use), which can increase the size of a person’s abdomen and cause fullness in the neck or face.
Weight and muscle mass loss, called wasting.
A noticeable increase in weight (with continuous, long-term use.

Hormonal therapy. Hormonal therapy may be used to treat breast, uterine, prostate, and testicular cancers. It involves medicines that decrease the amount of estrogen or progesterone in women and testosterone in men. Decreases in these hormone levels can increase fat, decrease muscle, and lower the metabolism.

So as you can see his chance of putting weight on was high but it didn’t stop him losing it.

Moving from his hormone treatment he then went on to have 20 treatments of radiotherapy which started in November last year.

This treatment ended just before Christmas and he was given the all-clear in June 2020.

This gentleman not only went through this but he has Diabetes type 1, pancreatitis and asthma.

Enough there to want you to improve or at least delay any other issues in the body.

So what did this gentleman do?

He asked for my help, He jumped on to my online Lean4Life program as he lives a few hours away from me.

He followed my advice and he never went on a restrictive diet or enter a gym.

67 years of age, recovering from cancer and 20 kgs down.

>>>>>Remember when you said you couldn’t do it? <<<<<

Anyone can.

Who is this guy?

He is my father and he is amazing 😉

Goals can be reached and will be reached if you truly want it.