24 pounds down for her wedding

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I pride myself on giving exactly what people want, however,

You must want to do it the right way NOT the fad diet way.

This week’s transformation goes to Caroline who has lost 24 pounds.

With her pending wedding, she asked if I could trim her waist downtone up her legs and generally reshape her body.

The answer was hell YES.

I have pinned her t-shirt back to show off her smaller waistline.

She still enjoys the finer things in life as I have not placed her on a restrictive diet.

She learns and follows what I advise through her interactive smartphone app that I provide on my Lean4Life program.

Most have you have enquired about this program and maybe you need more proof that it works or you are just procrastinating.

Either way, I will get you results with no fad diets or crazy workouts.

A huge well done Caroline