47 years of age 14.3 pounds down and still enjoys his ale

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Jon came to me to reduce body fat and to learn more in regards to strength training without changing his lifestyle drastically.

He didn’t want to cut out his favorite food and drink and why should he?

Therefore I established his daily caloric intake based on is goals and designed a 4 day split strength training program.

He has lost a total of 14.3 pounds and has reduced his body fat from around 20% down to 14% after all it is body fat we wanted to get down.

Jon 47 says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the training, as it’s been varied, enjoyable & most importantly it works!

The results in such a short space of time have been amazing.

The whole nutrition thing has been equally as important, but also simple to follow, & best of all, I still have a life, including ale !