Carole & Steve

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Following the festive season, and with a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor course on the horizon, I decided that something had to be done so I didn’t feel like a sack of potatoes anymore! I asked Andy if he thought he could help me lose some weight in 5 weeks, and that was the start. He was positive that he could help me, as long as I put the work in too. Andy gave me a nutrition plan to follow for 4 weeks and we booked 3 1:1 personal training sessions a week. We managed 7 sessions before illness stopped me training for a while but I carried on with the nutrition plan. Here I am, about to leave for my course, 10lbs lighter!!! How amazing is that! It really is true that 80% of weight loss is diet and having kept to the diet as well as I could, life permitting, the results speak for themselves. I am so delighted that I don’t feel like the sack of potatoes anymore and am looking forward to embracing my diving course with confidence. If a woman in their mid-50s can achieve these results, anyone can. As an aside, my husband has been helping me by eating the same meals as me and, with increasing his exercise by walking every day, he has lost 7lbs! Thanks for your help and encouragement Andy, I certainly couldn’t have done this without you. Your knowledge and passion to help people is amazing. Look forward to carrying on when I get back.

Since writing this testimonial Carole and Steve have continued to lose another 7 pounds each as well as enjoying exercising together on a daily basis through walking and body weight exercises in the park and at home!

Carole & Steve