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I can’t recommend Andy enough as a Personal Trainer. Here’s my story…

At the start of 2016 I was bed bound for 2 weeks due to side effects / complications of being Type 2 diabetic. An unhealthy lifestyle had taken its toll on my weight, blood pressure and diabetes – all dangerously high.

I contacted Andy / Stabilis Fitness and had my consultation. Straight away I knew he was going to be the right Personal Trainer for me with his direct approach and wide knowledge, particularly in diabetes.

When I started my A1C blood sugars were in the danger zone tipping at 11.3 / 99 and blood pressure was 165 / 120. My Doctors had warned me I was a ticking time bomb, as the 8 different medications I was taking were not working.

Andy reviewed my diet and gave me the tools and confidence to start making positive changes. 8 months in and my A1C has gone down to the excellent / safe zone at 6.7 / 50 and my blood pressure is also down to safe levels, which is all the more impressive as this has been achieved through diet and exercise with no medication.

I feel great with the added bonus of weight loss and increased strength, but more importantly, the knowledge I am no longer that ticking time bomb and have a far brighter future.