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At the start of 2014 I decided that it was finally time to do something positive about my body and fitness. I found Andy from his website and he came round for a consultation. His warm and friendly personality convinced me he was the person to help. I wanted to get in shape and turn my lifestyle around. It is now 6 months later and I cannot believe how much I have changed. Before I spent most of my time sitting down and never had enough energy. I was also suffering from severe depression and anxiety. I had no confidence, disliked my body for being fat and full of aches and pains and I had high blood pressure. Now I can really see a difference in how my body looks. The shape has really improved and I now have lean muscles, which are being gradually exposed as my layers of fat melt away. Interestingly I actually still weigh almost exactly the same as when I started, my clothes tell the real story and show how much I have improved my shape. I now have much more energy, my depression is getting better and I have much more confidence and less anxiety. All these improvements make it easier when I am exercising but also make the rest of my life better too. My general health has improved as well and my blood pressure has come back into the healthy range. Most importantly it has been a lot of fun and I finally feel like being active has become a hobby I enjoy rather than a chore I must do.



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