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This testimonial is very overdue, mostly because I could never find the words to accurately say how much my life has changed since I started training with Andy, both in 1:1 and at bootcamp sessions.

In the last year I have lost weight, inches, and fat (over 10% body fat GONE!), and of course everything fits and feels better. What has made the most significant impact on my life is how I feel overall as a result of training with Andy. Yes, I feel better for leaving all that fat behind, but I also feel miles better in my whole self. This has led to some significant achievements in the last year: — I have run my first half marathon and have registered for another one! I have enrolled in a degree to further my education and fulfil a lifelong dream. I have taken 7 minutes off my 5km run time! I have had the courage and confidence to look after myself and finally sort out the unhealthy relationships in my life. And I am so much happier for doing so! Do not underestimate the benefits of training and good nutrition. Andy’s practical support with both of these things has been integral to my ongoing success and personal achievements. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes on board your individual situation and goals so his advice is tailored. I still cannot find the best words to say how much happier I am than 18 months ago. But I do know that “trying” bootcamp one day was the best decision I have ever made; it has lead to a cascade of positive experiences and events and meeting many wonderful, like-minded people along the way.

I would highly recommend Stabilis Fitness to anyone ready to change themselves for the better.