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Look how Iva changed her life without fad diets and crazy workout regimes.

It took me a long time to contact Andy as I wasn’t ready to do anything about myself.

I was overweight, unhappy and with pain in my knee.

I thought I couldn’t exercise as I have problems with my knee and exercise would make it worse.

Finally, the day came and I contacted Andy.

When we’ve met I told him all about my problems and fears and Andy listened.

He said that he can help and my journey with Andy began!!!

Andy asked me about my goals.

I’ve told him that I wanted my 9-year-old daughter to notice that my big belly is not so big anymore!!! And that I want to feel healthy!!

I have never counted calories in my life as I have been fairly active before my knee injury.

I had no idea how many calories a day I was consuming at that point.

It was an eye-opener.

I started logging in what I was eating through Andy’s app and that helped me to see how many calories I was consuming.

I started walking more and did some strength training with Andy in the gym.

My weight started coming off.

I soon learned that I can eat whatever I fancy (even chocolate or ice cream) and if I stay within my calorie limit, I can still lose weight!!!

I’ve had ups and downs on my journey.

I found it hard at times.

But with Andy’s support, I carried on knowing that Andy is there with me all the way, always full of advice, always ready to listen.

My time with Andy has come to an end.

I’ve lost some weight (32 pounds) on my journey and gained a friend for life in Andy!!

And my daughter noticed that my big belly is no more. It only took her 5 months!!!! Thank you ANDY!!!!!